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Australia – pt2

Somnus CEO Dr Tim Craft has spent the last month in Australia presenting Somnus at a series of clinical and investor meetings.  In this second

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Banning Desflurane

NHS England has recently announced that by early 2024 desflurane will no longer be usedapart from in some exceptional and rare cases. As they say

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Don Berwick NEJM

In a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine, Professor Don Berwick of the influential Institute for Healthcare Improvement and other key senior

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Richard Luxton

Richard Luxton is the Director of Biosensing Technology at the Health Tech Hub at UWE and oversees the Somnus project. Q. What is your role?

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Janice Kiely

Kiely is the Co-Director of the Health Tech Hub at UWE with Richard Luxton.  Where Richard’s focus is biochemistry, Janice’s is electronic engineering.  This brings

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