Somnus Scientific win Partnership between Academia and Business Award from MediLink South West

Bath based medical science company Somnus Scientific have won the “Partnership between Academia and Business” Award from MediLink South West at their annual meeting this week. 

MediLink commented:  “This year’s Partnership between Academia and Business Award goes to a company who are working within an academic partnership that is resulting in the development of real-time, near-patient blood propofol concentration monitoring devices…The panel were impressed by the sophistication and depth of research grounding this company’s work. Congratulations Somnus Scientific”.

Somnus’ CEO Dr Tim Craft said: “Propofol is a drug given intravenously.  In low dose in causes sedation and in higher doses produces general anaesthesia where it is the alternative to using gases. Over 400 million operations involving general anaesthesia occur worldwide each year, causing profound environmental damage when anaesthetic gases are used. Intravenous anaesthesia is far less damaging and offers significant benefits to patients yet is used only 10% of the time.  One of the stated reasons for not using it more often is the inability to measure the concentration of drug in the patient’s system.   Working with colleagues at University of the West of England we have overcome the challenges of measuring propofol in real-time and achieved something unique; a propofol sensor suitable for miniaturisation and incorporation into a measuring system for use at the bed-side. Our innovation supports the development of personalized sedation and anaesthesia, both of which represent precision medicine for individual patients.  By meeting the needs of doctors and nurses we will make sedation and anaesthesia safer for patients and better for the environment.”

Somnus Scientific will now go forward to the national awards ceremony in June.